Being Patient


Do you have patience?  Sometimes? All the time?
I recognize the importance of it, however I have to admit, I do not have it all the time.
Lately, I have had several instances where I had to practice more patience and await the outcome. One project has taken almost 5 years!
During the waiting period, I am learning to remain calm and positive – knowing that the result I desire will come to fruition as long as I continue being persistent, communicative, positive and diplomatic in my dealings.
Having been in fast paced retail management for most of my career, I acquired a sense of urgency to take care of things almost immediately.  If one hesitated, or delayed resolving an issue, it easily got worse.
So I have prided myself on getting things done, efficiently and effectively.
Now, having semi-retired, I have a more leisurely pace.  I had a lot of adjusting to do but can now say that I really like the new flow of my days.
However, I was still expecting others to maintain a sense of urgency to my requests.  I was setting myself up for potential disappointment when others response time was slower than what I thought it should be.
So I continue to learn the lesson of being patient.  Just because I do not hear back from you the same day that I sent the email or left a message – doesn’t mean you are not responding.  Perhaps you are waiting for more information from someone else. Maybe you are on vacation.  Took a day off. Out of the office. Perhaps sick. Attending a conference.
Should I send another email, call or text? I may want to – however again, I remind myself to continue learning the lesson of being patient – and waiting a little longer for a reply and the process to work.
Every day offers us situations that can teach us more about ourselves and what we need to work on.
Practicing patience is a key one for me.
How about you?
With Light and Love,




2 Comments on “Being Patient

  1. Hello Ms Karen, I enjoyed your presentation. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates.


  2. Perfect timing for me with your post on Patience. It seems I need to practice more and more. So your post validates what I’m doing. And it differently needs to be practiced. But you can get good at it. You don’t get born with it. So you obviously need to learn it. And when you use it, it’s almost blissful. MS


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