The Power of Being Balanced


Have you ever noticed how on certain days you can feel calm, at peace and be able to balance on one leg? You feel ready to take on the world and deal with whatever comes your way!

Then on other days you can hardly even balance on both feet! You are shaky, frustrated and upset. Not feeling 100%.

What makes the difference?

I ask myself that every time I am doing balancing poses in yoga. What am I focusing on? What thoughts are going through my mind?  What did I eat last night or in the morning?  Did I drink enough water?  Did I get enough sleep?  Did I read anything disturbing or watch something which impacted my feeling calm, peaceful and balanced?

All these things and more play a part in how we feel, how we interact, how we are.

How is your balance today? And is it something that is important to you? I find it is key for me to feel my best.

Recently, on my morning runs, I found another way to check in with myself.  I have been stopping at a section of the beach where I find different shape rocks and build a rock sculpture.  Somedays I can easily and almost effortlessly erect a sculpture of 11-13 rocks.  Then on other days, I barely get 5 to stand tall!  Yesterday, I attempted several times and did at one point achieve having 9 up.  But then, they all toppled over!  Was I not being in the moment? Was I being distracted? Was I trying to do it in a hurry?

All those things played into what happened.  I realized in order to keep a perfect balance we need to be calm; we need to be centered; we need to be in the here and now. We need to breathe!

Don’t let distractions put you off your balance.  They will try and sometimes win.  Always come back to here and now, focusing on your breath, your gratitude, your appreciation and thankfulness.

Here’s to a calm, centered, and balanced day.

With Light and Love,


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