Lessons from Foggy Days


I love living at the beach.  Even though I prefer sunny days to foggy ones – I have learned to appreciate the morning and evening marine layer as it is called here in Southern California.  The morning fog keeps the weather cooler and is so much better for the plants, and our skin.  It even helps keep the waves in my hair!
Fog also teaches me about having Faith because in the fog, I can no longer see Catalina island or some of the hillside cliffs that I know are there.
It helps give me the confidence in everything I do, to continue believing, have trust and know that all is working even when it doesn’t seem like it.
Of course, I become doubtful sometimes.  Don’t we all?  We want proof.  We want reassurance. We want a guarantee.
We want to know for sure.  Where is that crystal ball when I need it?????
However, when doubt arises, I go back to my mantra of “Faith, Dream, Believe”.
I can say I am temporarily in the Fog.  And that the fog will lift.  Then I will see clearly.
And even if it does not lift, I know the truth is there.  Hidden behind the fog.
I just have to stay on course, follow my inner guidance, and keep moving forward.
I continue to have the Faith in myself, the confidence to make my Dreams become reality, and through all the ups and downs, the roller coasters, the twists and turns, the detours in life, I continue to Believe in what is possible.
May you continue to see through the fog – realizing your full potential.
Here’s to a Sunshine kind of day even if it is foggy outside!
Light and Love,

2 Comments on “Lessons from Foggy Days

  1. Dear Karen, your idea on fog is like a mystery that we sometimes cannot wait to end! It’s conscious, unconsciousness, over which we have no control.
    Therefore, we must remain in our present atmosphere, aware that it will eventually end! It’s nature way of encouraging us to slow down both
    physically and mentally, and contemplate the mysteries of life. Thanks again for your very interesting subjects on life.


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