It’s back to school time!  In my opinion, we have transitioned from summer into fall with the Labor Day holiday weekend. (officially Fall begins Sept 22)

I hope you enjoyed your time with family, friends, food, fun, and time to do what makes you happy.

This morning I gave more thought to the word transition while out running.  We had just made a significant transition. We also though make transitions every day – big and small. We transition from sleep to being awake in the morning.  We then continue to make transitions – from eating breakfast to lunch to dinner (and a few snacks in between), a morning workout, to our commute, our work, our hobby, our errands, our responsibilities, our commitments and so much more.

Life is made up of many transitions.  As we age, we transition from being students to employees, employers, doctors, lawyers, professors, scientists, gardeners, police officers, fireman, entrepreneurs, business owners, chefs, artists, retail clerks, and so many others in the work force.  We go from living at home, to eventually getting our own place if that is what we desire.  We go from crawling to walking to riding a bicycle to driving a car or a motorcycle or to being driven around via metro, Uber, Lyft, taxi, limo, train, or private jet.

We get to choose how we transition as we go through life.  There is no one way for everyone.  We decide what works best for us.  Of course we all are born, live and eventually die.  That is a given.  However, how we choose to sequence and experience life is up to us.

How are you transitioning in your life? Are you satisfied? If not, take the time to identify what you want to change and make the necessary course corrections.

Make your life meaningful, worthwhile, and of significance.  You have a choice.

You make a difference. You have the power.

Live your LIFE your way!

With Light, Love and wishes for successful transitions!


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