How are you showing up in Life?


We do have a choice!
Every morning, before I even get out of bed,  I say my affirmations.  I go into the day with a positive outlook, visualizing what the day is going to be like.  I am grateful that I am alive. 

How are you going to start the day?

How are you choosing to show up at work?

How are you engaging with others – those you encounter at the coffee shop, market, yoga studio, park, beach, while traveling?

What can you do differently that will impact your day in a positive way?

We all do have a choice!

Regardless of the things that are not under our control, we have a choice how we’re going to respond.

Make it beneficial for yourself.

Make it beneficial for those around you. 

That energy will translate and transform your life everyday.

Choose correctly.

Have the right attitude. 

Desire the right outcome.

Have your actions and intentions in alignment and it will come to be. 

With love and light,


2 Comments on “How are you showing up in Life?

  1. I live with this most incredible woman who keeps reminding me of this Truth. True Words of Wisdom, thank you.


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